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The shipping fee for this item varies by the shipping method.
Customers can choose the shipping method at time of purchase.
  • 【ONLY JAPAN 】普通郵便

    Shipping Fees are the same all over country inside Japan 84JPY
  • EMS

    This shipping supports package tracking and compensation for damages.

    Shipping Fees are the same in all countries outside Japan ¥ 3,000


If you have 2 or more animals, please purchase an additional number.
<Example> 1 point for 2 animals, 2 points for 3 animals
Additional purchase


→ katomayu.24@gmail.com
→ @819gsgls (@からご入力ください)


[Please send your doggy photo via instagram or email]

Click here for email
→ katomayu.24@gmail.com
Click here for instagram
→ @katomayu_

· 全身が写っているもの
· 2匹以上の場合、2匹バラバラの写真でも大丈夫です。
· お洋服など着てても大丈夫です。



⚠︎Points to note when sending ⚠︎
· The whole body is reflected.
· If you have two or more animals, you can use two separate photos.
· It is okay for animals to wear clothes.

If you wish, enter your dog's name.
Please tell us by email or instagram.

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